Family Faith Formation Grades 1-6

Grades 1-6

We are excited to introduce our new St. Vincent de Paul Family Faith Formation Program.  In these sessions, students will be introduced to a new unit of study by catechists in age-appropriate classrooms. At the same time, parents participate in exploring these same concepts through adult presentations and small and large group discussions.   

The adult presentations will be conducted by Fr. Dan and/or Fr. Jay in addition to other speakers and families from our parish.  Parents will be given ideas and practical examples that will assist them in leading their children on the path to heaven. These sessions will provide families the opportunity to form life changing friendships which are the beginning of the Communion of Saints.  At each session families will come together to share their successes and/or frustrations and to know they are not alone on the journey.  We are in this together as a Community in Christ and must lean on each other for support and guidance.  If we attempt it alone, the obstacles are so much greater.


  • SESSIONS - Families meet once a month to explore faith topics.  Families will be given resources to discuss these topics at home with their children.  Children will complete chapter reviews at home that relate to the topic of each session.  The unit reviews will be sent electronically to the email address of the child's catechist before coming together for the next session.
  • EXPLORE FOUR ACTIVITIES - Each month families will participate in Life of the Parish events called "Explore Four" activities.  These events support faith formation in the areas of Creed, Sacraments/Worship, Christian prayer, Christian living.  Almost any event that is held at St. Vincent's can be an Explore Four.

    A Few Examples of Explore Four Acitivities
    Merge Nights for Grade 6
    pREfuel Nights for Grades 4 & 5
    Family Faith Formation Help Sessions
    Christ Renews His Parish Weekend
    Stations of the Cross
    Reconciliation Services
    Sacramental Prep Meetings

    REfuel Night of Light
    Mardi Gras Party

  • EXPLORE FOUR REFLECTIONS - Families will participate in one or more (if desired) Explore Four activities per month and complete one reflection form for each activity. Explore Four Reflection Forms can be submitted electronically, or printed forms can be submitted at the Families Living Faith session. These forms serve to guide family discussions regarding the event as well as facilitate adult discussions at the monthly sessions.
    Explore Four Reflection Form 
    - Printed
    Explore Four Reflection Form - Online Submission
  • MASS REFLECTIONS - In addition, families will complete a Mass Reflection one time per month (more if desired).  The form helps parents walk through the Mass with their children creating the opportunity for fruitful discussion and faith sharing.  Mass Reflection Forms can be submitted electronically or printed forms can be turned in at the monthly sessions. 
    Mass Reflection Form - Printed
    Mass Reflection Form - Online Submission
  • FAMILIES LIVING THE GOSPEL CHALLENGE - Families are also encouraged to participate in the Families Living the Gospel (service activity).  Families participating in a Families Living the Gospel service activity can submit reflection forms which will be entered into a drawing.  A prize will be awarded at the end of each semester.  Forms for the Families Living the Gospol can also be submitted online or printed and turned in at the Families Living Faith sessions. 
    Families Living the Gospel Reflection Form - Printed 
    Families Living the Gospel Reflection Form - Online Submission


For the first meeting in September, parents and children will arrive at St. Vincent Church no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of their assigned session.  (Sundays 3:00 to 4:30, Wednesdays 6:00 to 7:30)  During this time, children will sit with their parents in the church.  We will begin the session with an introduction, and opening song.  Students will then be dismissed with their catechist and walk to the school for grade level instruction.  Adults will walk to the Life Center for the adult session.   At the end of the adult session, parents and students will join together in the Life Center or Church for a closing prayer and blessing.  

At the first Families Living Faith Session, long tables will be set up in the Gathering Space of the church.  Go to the table that corresponds to your last name and pick up your Family Packet. Your children's room numbers and catechists' names will appear on the front of the packet. When students are dismissed from the church for grade level instruction, they will be dismissed by catechist name and grade level.  Please refer to your packet to assist you at the time of dismissal.  


Families Living Faith will be offered at the following times each month. Families sign up for a session time and attend that session time throughout the year. If your child was enrolled in Religious Education last year, they will automatically be enrolled and advanced to the next grade level in the Family Faith Formation Program.  If you wish to switch the day your family attends the Families Living Faith sessions, please contact Laurie Ciocca in the Family Faith Formation Office at 260-489-3537 ext. 235.  If you are new to St. Vincent's, or you have a first grade child who has not attended Religious Education you may register here /RERegistration.

Session Schedule                                                                              
Families Living Faith Sunday Sessions - 3:00 to 4:30 PM  (New time this year due to the change of the 6:00 PM Mass time to 5:00 PM)                          

Session dates coming in August

Families Living Faith Wednesday Sessions - 6:00 to 7:30 PM                           

Session dates coming in August!



Additional Session Sessions are required for families with children in Grades 1 & 2 which are preparation years for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.  Please click here to see additional session dates.


Basic Information Regarding Nanny Ministry

  • Babysitting for children infant through age 5 years of age will be offered at all FLF sessions, provided enough volunters come forward to make this ministry possible.  Availability at each FLF session is limited due to space.  
  • Children must be registered for the babysitting program.  If you wish to register your child for the Nanny Room you may do so here.  For drop off instructions click here.
  • Walk-in's will be accepted if space is available.  Permission form must be completed before child is accepted. Paper forms will be available at time of check-in.
  • We will make every effort to honor your request, but placements are made in the order that registrations are received.  When you complete a registration form, you can assume your child is registered for the Nanny Room unless your are notified otherwise. For additional instructions click here.


Families Living Faith Tentative Session Schedule

Family Faith Formation 

Parent Handbo

Updated Handbook coming in August!



Family Faith Formation
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registration information coming in August when more details are available regarding health and safety guidelines.

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Sunday Preschool Registration
Details will be available in August regarding the Sunday Preschool program


Parent Resources

Reflection Forms

Explore Four Reflection 
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Family Mass Reflection
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Families Living the Gospel 
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