Family Faith Formation Nanny Room Instructions

What is the Nanny Ministry?

  • Babysitting for children infant through age 5 years of age will be offered at all Families Living Faith sessions and Faith First Communities for Grades 1 & 2 Sacramental Prepaaration sessions (provided enough volunters come forward to make this ministry possible).  Availability at each session is limited due to space.  
  • Babysitting services will be provided by at least one or more adults and multiple junior high or high school student aides.
  • Children must be registered for the babysitting program.  
  • Walk-in's will be accepted if space is available.  Permission form must be completed before child is accepted. Paper forms will be available at time of check-in.
  • We will make every effort to honor your request, but placements are made in the order that registrations are received.  When you complete a registration form, you can assume your child is registered for the Nanny Room unless your are notified otherwise. 

Nanny Room Locations
Since this ministry is new to the Family Faith Formation program, please be patient as we fine tune the details and locations of the Nanny Room.  For the first sessions in September, the Nanny Room locations will be as follows:

  • Sunday Session September 15 - Red Room of the Life Center (located through the door to the left as you enter the building).
  • Wednesday Session September 18 - Church Nursery

As we assess the ages and number of children who will utilize the Nanny Room, we will be able to make a better detemination of the location for further sessions.  As of now, most Sunday sessions will be in the Red Room of the Life Center while most Wednesday sessions will be in the Church Nursery.  Parents will be notified of future locations.

Nanny Room Information

  • Please drop your child(ren) off no earlier than 10 minutes before the session begins.
  • If your child is in diapers, please bring the necessary changing supplies.
  • We kindly ask that you do not put your child in our Nanny Room if they have experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours: Fever, Runny Nose, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Pink-eye, Strep Throat, Common Cold Symptoms, Rash of Any Kind OR, Any Other Questionable Symptoms.


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