Special Note:
This Sunday, September 25th we are the opening act for the Voices of Unity Choir concert at Vincentfest. Chorister Choir Members should arrive at 1:45pm. We will meet outside of the school gym, on the steps near Door #5 (Kindergarten dismissal area). Chorister choir members should wear the green polos that were distributed at rehearsal, along with black dress pants, or a black skirt. Skirts must be knee length or longer. Our choir is singing for the first 5 minutes of the concert. Choir members are free to leave when we finish singing if needed, but are encouraged to stay for the duration of the concert. The Voices of Unity Choir is scheduled to be done around 2:30pm. It should be a great program to attend!

Choristers are young singers and musicians who use their talents to minister to the parish and community. We will be singing at Masses, caroling, and performing a Nativity program on Christmas Eve. Chorister groups will meet on a weekly basis. Each age group will have it’s own session time every week. Sessions will be filled with singing, Christ-centered musical activities, games, and lots of fun.

Normal Tuesday schedule:

    2nd & 3rd:    6:00PM-6:30PM
    4th & 5th:     6:40PM- 7:15PM
    6th thru HS: 7:30PM- 8:15PM

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